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Starting his DJ career in 2007, John TTL would find himself quickly becoming a local favorite. Known to be natural when it comes to DJing, John TTL can mix with the best of them, often throwing down some of the most energetic sets you will ever hear! Exploring sound with his own blend of Techno, Tech House, and dance floor destroying bass lines, John TTL is able to bring his listeners on an auditory journey.

A 3 year resident DJ at DFF (Ottawa's only HardDance monthly), and second place finalist in Ottawa's UnC 2010 DJ Comp, TTL was a regular guest at many of the top events in his hometown of Ottawa. Having played in major Canadian cities like Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, John TTL has been billed alongside names such as Frank Ellrich (ASYS), DJ Luna, DJ Preach, Luna-C, Jen Mas, DJ Shine, The Funk Hunters, James Bayliss, Creator, Moevalith, DJ Hashek, KloneZ, Mike Emvee, Zoltan Kontes, DJ Joe Rowe, and Rick Laplante.

John TTL finds himself exploring the EDM world discovering new and fresh sounds. He has a love for the music, that words just donít do justice. Those that have seen him play repeatedly say that his music defies borders and always leaves the crowd wanting more.

Currently residing in Maple Ridge, BC.

Past Bookings

Event Venue Date
Deep Frequency Fridays Mercury Lounge (Hull) 08/10/2007
Deep Frequency Fridays Mercury Lounge (Hull) 09/28/2007
Twilight Afterhours Twilight (Edmonton) 10/19/2007
James Bayliss End Zone (Edmonton) 10/20/2007
Twilight Afterhours Twilight (Edmonton) 10/20/2007
Twilight Afterhours Twilight (Edmonton) 11/15/2007
Twilight Afterhours Twilight (Edmonton) 11/17/2007
Twilight Afterhours Twilight (Edmonton) 11/24/2007
Deep Frequency Fridays Mercury Lounge (Hull) 01/11/2008
Hardstyle Night BLAK AH (Toronto) 03/08/2008
DJ Luna Twilight (Edmonton) 04/18/2008
Deep Frequency Fridays Cafe Dekcuf (Ottawa) 05/23/2008
8AM or Bust! Mavericks (Ottawa) 05/30/2008
Taste~The~Rainbow! Cancelled (Montreal) 06/13/2008
Deep Frequency Fridays Cafe Dekcuf (Ottawa) 06/20/2008
DFF DJ Competition 2 Eri Cafe (Ottawa) 07/25/2008
DFF 1 Year Mavericks (Ottawa) 08/28/2008
DFF Halloween Edition Cafe Eri (Ottawa) 10/24/2008
Moonlight /w DJ Shine Cock and Lion (Ottawa) 12/06/2008
Deep Frequency Fridays Eri Cafe (Ottawa) 12/13/2008
Deep Frequency Fridays Cock and Lion (Ottawa) 01/03/2009
Deep Frequency Fridays Cock and Lion (Ottawa) 02/07/2009
Rave In A Cave Ottawa U (Ottawa) 03/14/2009
Recognition DJ Comp Cafe Eri (Ottawa) 03/27/2009
Deep Frequency Fridays Cock and Lion (Ottawa) 04/04/2009
Deep Frequency Fridays Cock and Lion (Ottawa) 06/06/2009
Mouch A Feu Field Party (Gatineau) 06/23/2009
Deep Frequency Fridays Cock and Lion (Ottawa) 07/04/2009
Alweezgrooven Festival Lac Dumont (Quebec) 07/10-13/2009
DFF 2 Year Cock and Lion (Ottawa) 08/01/2009
Deep Frequency Fridays Cock and Lion (Ottawa) 09/12/2009
Exposure Fridays Lotus Lounge (Ottawa) 10/23/2009
Live Jungle Show (Radio) 12/03/2009
Freshbeat Featured Mix (Radio) 12/03/2009
Sounds CRMNL Launch Cajun Attic (Ottawa) 12/04/2009
Sunrise DJ Comp Lotus Lounge (Ottawa) 12/05/2009
Deep Frequency Fridays Cock and Lion (Ottawa) 12/12/2009
Funktion Lotus Lounge (Ottawa) 01/15/2010
Hard Times Cajun Attic (Ottawa) 01/16/2010
Balistic The Legion (Ottawa) 01/30/2010
Sunrise Comp Round 2 Lotus Lounge (Ottawa) 02/06/2010
Exposure Lotus Lounge (Ottawa) 02/12/2010
Sunrise DJ Showdown Lotus Lounge (Ottawa) 02/27/2010
DFF St Pattys Revenge Cock and Lion (Ottawa) 03/06/2010
Sunrise Finals Lotus Lounge (Ottawa) 03/06/2010
Housewerk005 Ritual Night (Ottawa) 04/02/2010
Sunrise Afterhours Lotus Lounge (Ottawa) 04/03/2010
Blender Bender Cock and Lion (Ottawa) 04/23/2010
Blender Bender Lotus Lounge (Ottawa) 04/23/2010
Swap Charity Event Mercury (Ottawa) 05/02/2010
Swizzle Thursdays Swizzles (Ottawa) 05/06/2010
D-Formation Afterparty Lotus Lounge (Ottawa) 05/07/2010 1YEAR Cock and Lion (Ottawa) 05/08/2010
Freshbeat Feature Mix (Radio) 05/12/2010
May Long Lotus Lounge (Ottawa) 05/23/2010
Riot Control Cajun Attic (Ottawa) 05/29/2010
Underground Thursdays Lotus Lounge (Ottawa) 06/03/2010
SYTYCDJ Comp Lotus Lounge (Ottawa) 06/05/2010
Exposure 1 Year Lotus Lounge (Ottawa) 06/11/2010
DFF Residents Night Cock and Lion (Ottawa) 06/19/2010
Organized Crime Cajun Attic (Ottawa) 06/26/2010
Canada Day Bash Cajun Attic (Ottawa) 07/01/2010
Sunrise Canada Day Lotus Lounge (Ottawa) 07/01/2010
Alweezgrooven Lac Dumont (Quebec) 07/9-12/2010
Alweezgrooven Residents Euphoria (Gatineau) 07/16/2010
DJ Preach Ritual (Ottawa) 07/30/2010
Underground Thursdays Lotus Lounge (Ottawa) 08/05/2010
Volksfest Festival (Embrun) 08/08/2010
School of Bass 2 Cajun Attic (Ottawa) 08/14/2010
DFF Boat Cruise Miss Gatineau 08/27/2010
Underground Thursdays Lotus Lounge (Ottawa) 09/02/2010
Sunrise Afterhours Lotus Lounge (Ottawa) 09/04/2010
Creator Lotus Lounge (Ottawa) 09/10/2010
The Funk Hunters Mavericks (Ottawa) 09/12/2010
Galaxy Rave Mavericks (Ottawa) 09/25/2010
Underground Thursdays Lotus Lounge (Ottawa) 10/07/2010
Sanctuary Fridays Cancelled (Ottawa) 10/08/2010
A*S*Y*S Lotus Lounge (Ottawa) 11/11/2010
SYTYCDJ Round 2 Lotus Lounge (Ottawa) 11/13/2010
WTMFDJS Penthouse (Vancouver) 03/11/2011
Boat Cruise English Bay (Vancouver) 05/12/2012
The Foundation The Haney (M.Ridge) 04/26/2013
The Foundation The Haney (M.Ridge) 05/24/2013

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